Support your business with the best cloud-based communication solution

Empower your organization with messaging, video conferencing and phone calling capabilities from anywhere and on any device. Avaya Cloud Office provides an all-in-one business communications and collaboration solution to guide you through your digital transformation.

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69% of employees waste up to an hour a day navigating between applications, thanks to Avaya Cloud Office you work more efficiently together, in one application!

Optimize your spending pattern

Cloud-based solutions are cost-effective because they typically include phone traffic, applications and maintenance, in a flexible pay-per-use or pay-per-user model.

Increase your competitiveness

The cloud enables employees to work from anywhere, on any device. It enables them to perform their daily tasks and helps organizations ensure business continuity.

Protect your company data

Avaya's cloud solutions provide reliable security and protection for your company's and your customers' data.

Safety and reliability world-class

Our security and fraud prevention department provides 24/7 physical and environmental protection. Benefit from consistent service and quality, with the highest SLA standard of 99.999% availability (uptime).

Global and Compliance

Call plans and phone numbers can be obtained for over 100 locations. The interfaces are translated into more than 10 languages. The platform complies with local standards and regulations - including data protection and emergency calls.

Simplified IT management

Use our centralized web-based dashboard to easily configure and manage all your users and locations. High-quality reporting and management tools allow you to monitor the conditions of your network. Resolve any problems quickly with proactive analytics and real-time alerts.

Extensive integration possibilities

Easy integration of your business communications with the software and cloud services you already use. Most commonly used applications such as Salesforce, Google Workspace™, Microsoft® 365 and many others, can be implemented immediately
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